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by Chan Kwok Wai 23 May 2013


I use both Canon and Nikon system. I started with Canon EOS 10D and soon enough, I realized that Canon DSLR has problem locking focus in low-light. Low-light focusing is crucial in wildlife photography especially when dealing with nocturnal animals. I had several bad experiences when I was out in the field photographing a nocturnal animal with a few of my friends using Nikon system and my Canon DSLR simply refused to lock focus while my friends were happily snapping all the way. I later got myself a Nikon. A D200.

Today, I am still using Canon because of its EF 100-400mm L IS. Nikon's latest equivalent is too expensive. My copy of 100-400mm is tip sharp. I simply love it. I am currently using Canon EOS 7D. Although, Canon's low light focusing has improved over the years but it is still no match to Nikon.

Over the past years, I have learnt the pros and cons of each system. At times, I bring both system in the field. It really depends on what I am photographing. Previously, for night photography, I used Nikon D300s. As for day-photography, I go for my Canon. But now that I have D600, I thought that it could totally replace my D300s. I am wrong! D600 autofocusing in low light is inferior compared to D300s. What a headache!

Here's a list of photography gear I use:

Canon System

Nikon System


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