Thursday, 23 November 2017

Sunda Pangolin - The Armoured Ant-eater

Sunda Pangolin at MacRitchie

The Sunda Pangolin may be covered with armoured plates. But the scales mainly act as a defensive layer to protect itself. When threatened, the pangolins will curred into a scaly ball, helplessly waiting for the danger to be over.
Long tongue of the Sunda Pangolin
It feeds mainly on ants and termites using its long, sticky tongue. It is well adapted for digging. Its has long claws on its fore-feet used to demolish the nests of termites and ants.

This one was spotted digging at the undergrowth in search for ants.

Check out the red ants on its head and body!
Pangolin can climb trees very well too.

Climbing up a tree. Photograph by Norman Lim

Taking a break on a tree branch

Such delicate animals need our protection.

In Singapore, Sunda Pangolin is threatened by habitat loss.  The Central Catchment Nature Reserve is one of the places where they can be found.  However, MacRitchie which is part of Central Catchment Nature Reserve may be subjected to construction work of the Cross Island MRT line.  Let's hope the authority can avoid destruction to our little remains of forest left and preserve the pangolin's natural habitat.

More images of Sunda Pangolin can be found here.

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