Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gir National Park - The only place to see Asiatic Lion

If you think that the only place to see Lions in the wild are in Africa. Then you are wrong! Asia has lions too - Asiatic Lions! 

Asiatic lions used to exist from Middle East to India. Today, most has disappeared and India's Gir National Park is the last place to see Asiatic Lions now. They are only about 200-300 asiatic lions left in the wild. So see them before they go extinct! 

 I stayed in Gir Birding Lodge in Sasan Gir for 3 nights. The lodge is just a stone throw from one of the entrance to Gir National Park. Safari rides to Gir National Park can be arranged with the lodge. Gir National Park comprises of 1412 sq km of dry deciduous forest, acacia scrub with semi-evergreen flora and grasslands. Common fauna in the park consists of sambar deers, spotted deers, nilgai, indian gazelle, wild boar and jackal.


How to get there?

The nearest international airport to Gir is Ahmedabad International Airport.  It is about 390km from Gir, about 8 hours drive.

Ahmedabad can be reached from New York/New Jersey (Air India), Kuwait (Kuwait Airways), Dubai (Emirates), Qatar (Qatar Airways) and Singapore (Singapore Airlines).

Where to stay?

There are some lodges near the park.

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